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Your home is your greatest asset. Whether your home is a house, townhouse, mobile home, apartment or a personal condo, you can protect your residence and your possessions with a home insurance policy. Shondeck Financial Services & Insurance will help you find the best policy and compare your options for your home.

Coverage Options

We will help you identify the coverage that is appropriate for your goals and concerns. The coverage will depend on your situation. You should purchase a policy that covers contents of your home, damage to your property from fire, wind, theft, lightning and similar risks, as well as liability coverage. Our office offers Home Insurance, Condo Insurance, Mobile Home Insurance, and Renter’s Insurance.

Comparing Quotes

After determining the amount of coverage that you want to purchase, you can compare quotes from the top insurance providers with the help of Scott Shondeck. Contact Scott to explore the several options and coverage that are available to protect your home.

Auto InsuranceAuto Insurance

The purchase of a new or used car can be exciting. In Colorado, you are required to purchase auto insurance coverage. Depending on your personal concerns, the best policy for you will vary. Shondeck Financial Services & Insurance evaluates your concerns, runs and compares quotes so you will find a policy that is right for you.

Coverage Standards

In Colorado, liability insurance is a requirement; however you can purchase more than the minimum if you feel that is not appropriate for your needs. Keep in mind that liability coverage will only pay for the injuries and damage to property that you cause in an accident. Your personal vehicle will not be covered.

Additional Coverage

Minimum standards offer a place to start looking for coverage, but you may want additional protection. You can purchase additional protection for your vehicle that is specific to a concern or that is comprehensive for most situations. A comprehensive policy is a good choice to cover damages to your vehicle.

There are several policies that can protect your vehicle, your passengers and other drivers. The key is to focus on ensuring that your policy meets or exceeds the minimum standards while addressing any additional concerns of yours. To learn more about your auto insurance coverage options, contact Scott Shondeck at our office today.

Scott Shondeck

Scott Shondeck,

Shondeck Financial Services & Insurance’s Home and Auto Insurance specialist